Beware Rouge Solar Edge Sales People


A Number of our customers have been approached lately by Tele sales companies wanting to change their inverters to a Solar Edge Optimiser System for £4000 and claiming they will get 25% extra generation and you are at risk as your current inverter is out of warranty.


This is completely misleading and a bad idea for the following reasons:


  1. All your panels will need to be removed to fit optimiser’s to each panel. If one of these fails in future you will get a new one on warranty but will have to pay for scaffold etc to replace – you will never get the money back.
  2. The whole install costs £4000 and gives a 20yr warranty. A new string inverter could be changed for £600 and have a 10 yr warranty. Lets assume you need 2 of these over the 20yrs  = £1200 v £4000
  3. The claim of increased generation. We have numerous 4kw systems installed around the coast of South wales that generate on average 4000kw/yr That’s on a standard string inverter. Move inland and that drops tp 3600-3800. To make 25% extra we would be making upto 5000kwh yr – no system has ever done this.
    The only time the Solar Edge system can possibly make more electric is if
    a. You are subject to shade. Then I would hope you have had a Multi Point tracking inverter with 2 inputs so you can mitigate the loss. Or maybe it shouldn’t have been fitted at all.
    b. You have very poor panels with variety of different outputs. Here you need to look at your output – How much are you making – We can compare other systems in your area to give you an idea.


If you have good panels and a system with little or no shade you will never get you money back from fitting a Solar Edge Inverter.
If you are still considering it ask the sales person to be paid annually out of your extra generation .

We have used Solar Edge on some installs where shade was going to be a factor and the customer still wanted  a system. They are very good if you have more than 2 different sloped and direction roofs.  So they have their place but they are a very expensive retrofit and you put yourself at risk of increased repair costs down the line. 

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