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As we are mobile and out installing systems it is best to contact us via mobile phone or email.

Please click here to email us or telephone us with the number on the bottom of page. If we are unable to answer (out of reception, up ladders etc) please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We have set the email as a link and the tel no as a photo to avoid endless spam we are sorry if this causes you some inconvenience.

Latest Prices

PV System

4kw SunPower E20 327 watt panels £7500

4Kw PV with 2.4kw Battery Back up £6950

4kw Pv system From £4950

2.4kw Battery System £2400

4.8kw Battery System £3300

7.2kw Battery System £4200

9.6kw Battery System £5100