Solar PV Domestic Installations


As a business we have been installing and maintaining pv systems for over 10 yrs. We design our systems carefully to ensure losses through cable sizes are  minimised, we use good panels with closely matched outputs and high efficiency inverters. Our systems typically yield more than the predicted outputs.


The MCs and RECC approved quoting and prediced output calculations shows that a South facing 4kw System with no shade in South Wales gnerates a 10%plus return on investment.


This can be enhanced further with the addition of a battery back up system with the extra benefit of an emergency power supply in the event of a power cut. 


Contact us so one of our engineers can design a system and show you the projected savings and income generated from our systems.


We offer system health checks charged at £150 across South Wales

Replacement inverter service 4kw inverters from £750 with 10yr warranty

We also offer a full fault finding and repair service.

We can move systems or remove and install while roof repair works are completed.


A Typical 4kw system is £4950 inc 5% vat at present

Battery systems start from £2100 with a pv system or £2400 without.

We are MCS approved and members of Renewable Energy Consumer Code and all our contracts are conducted to their terms and conditions. 
Please follow this link to the Rnewable Energy Consumer Code website: 

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Latest Prices

PV System

4kw SunPower E20 327 watt panels £7500

4Kw PV with 2.4kw Battery Back up £6950

4kw Pv system From £4950

2.4kw Battery System £2400

4.8kw Battery System £3300

7.2kw Battery System £4200

9.6kw Battery System £5100