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Battery Back Up Systems

Battery Back-Up Systems

Battery back-up can be used in 3 main ways:

1. Used to store some of the excess pv you produce for later use. Typical self-consumption rates are around 30-40% for most domestic situations. By fitting a battery, you can increase this to 50-70% or higher. Typically, we are looking at smaller battery sizes here in the 2.5-10kw range.

2. Use of a battery to store cheap rate tariffs, (either overnight like Octopus Go or Shell economy 7 or for time of use like Agile) and use in the higher rate periods. PV can be used to extend the battery capacity by topping up in the daytime. Typically, we are looking bigger batteries - If a property uses an average of 15kw of electric a day a 15kwh battery would need to be fitted. Large savings can be made here without any pv panels.

3. Larger scale systems like, large houses, commercial or industrial. The battery can be used as above, all be it on a larger scale and also to reduce consumption in peak periods to avoid distribution and transmission charges which can be quite large for industrial power consumers.

We have selected 3 main suppliers to work with. All very high quality, good web-based monitoring and control applications, with excellent customer service for the end user and us as providers. They are all modular and can be extended at any point in the future and unlike PV can be taken with you if you move. They are listed below in no particular order:

Batteries come in 2.5, 5.2 and 9kw formats, Up to 5 batteries can be installed in any size. Inverters come in 3kw and 5kw and we can link up to 3 in cascade. It is possible to fit a 15kw inverter with up to 135kw storage.
GivEnergy also has a commercial solution with 30,50 & 100kw inverters that can have between 67, 134 or 201kw storage capacity.

2 x main products

1. 5kw battery - this is paired with a Solis inverter and Puredrive will support the whole installation. 5 x batteries can be installed on an inverter which ranges from 3-6kw.

2. Integrated AC Coupled 5 and 10kw battery. This is connected to their virtual Power Plant and is used to subsidise the household load and also provide grid trading service on schemes like Octopus Agile. 

2 product ranges:

1. AC coupled units 4.6kw inverter, 11-27kw battery, Up to 9 of these can be linked together in cascade under 1 controller making a  41.4kw inverter with 243kw storage

2. Hybrid 4.6kw PV inverter with integrated battery from 2.5-15kw. 

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Latest Prices

PV System

PV Systems and battery systems fitted with a pv system are zero VAT from April 2022

4kw PV with 5kw Battery Back up from £9900

4kw Pv system From £6000

Battery systems fitted without pv are subject to 20% vat

5kw Battery System from £4600 

10kw Battery System From £7250


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